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At Team Bonding, creativity is regarded as an innate ability to be nurtured and developed. What better way for team members to bond than by sharing the humour and inspiration of creativity in this light hearted, non-competitive event.

This activity suits an enthusiastic team seeking some fun and surprises. This event will be fast paced and should provide plenty of laughter. This is a very new format for a team building event, so teams that have "done it all before" are likely to enjoy this approach

We will rotate small groups through a range of creative games that incorporate the principles of inventiveness; story telling, innovation and problem solving.

Some examples are; developing a story plot and collage, creating a skit using random words, strategies to sell unpoplular items, designing a game from scavenged items and a range of games sourced from improvised comedy warm ups. (Pictured at left)

The games are so much fun they disguise the fact that team members are in fact developing their creative skill set and will learn some creative methods that can be used everyday. If required we can spend the last 15 minutes or so outlining some of the creative techniques the games rely on.


Duration:  2 - 2.5 hours.

This event is generally held indoors
but can be transferred outdoors


10 - 25 pax     $1,300 + gst  

26 - 45 pax     $1,550 + gst  

46 - 70 pax     $1,800 + gst

Includes: Equipment and facilitation of games, excludes venue and team prizes (can be purchased if required)

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