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Team Games

Simple, fun and energising, this team building activity is designed to liven up dinners, meetings or conferences and can be tailored to suit your time and team requirements.


This event suits most group from small to large and is good for relatively large groups who are seated at tables for presentations, dinners or conference speakers.  The games are designed to engage and enthuse, add some levity and create talking points.

We have a vast repertoire of games to draw upon. The games are fun and each take only 4-10 minutes, so the teams can play quite a number of games.

Example Games:

Photography  - each team is given a camera and a list of photos to compose (eg a crime scene, a team shot taken from above - many examples on left hand side from a recent groups

Design & construction (generally creating straw building)

Scavenger hunt based on what the team has at hand (on their person, in handbags or wallets)

Pictionary - teams must be the first to finish some simple drawings or the team must form a drawing just adding a few shapes at a time.

Name that tune - snippets of 10 songs and see how many everyone knows.

Lateral Thinking - this is a series of fun questions that allow the right brain thinkers to thrive; for eg - best way to start an argument?

Celebrity head.  Everyone wears a sticker on their forehead with the name of a famous person, they can only ask yes / no questions

Stranded - teams must use strategic reasoning to decide on the most useful things or people on a desert island from a list of items, temperaments and skills.

Tongue twisters. A couple of players compete to recite tongue twisters.

Invention test – team need to create a children’s game or book based on a bag of stimulus

Minute to Win It Games - a series of quick and simple co-ordination games from the popular TV Show “Minute to Win It”

Spelling Bee

Memory / Observation

Once we’ve tallied the scores, we award a $2 shop trophy prize to each member of the winning team. These are humble but very sought after

See the Team Games Photo Gallery


Duration: Around 2 hours in total, generally with 1 or 2 breaks.

Group size: Suitable for groups of 12 - 100+

10 - 25 pax     $1,300 + gst  

26 - 45 pax     $1,550 + gst  

46 - 70 pax     $1,800 + gst

71 - 95 pax     $2,050 + gst

95 - 120 pax   $2,300 + gst

Cost includes: All equipment and some novelty spot prizes. Price excludes venue, "real" prizes (can be purchased if required) and travel outside the Sydney metropolitan area. Travel expenses are charged at $150 per travelling hour for 2 staff.

Click here for venue suggestions.

We are happy to come to a venue of your choice, however there are a few requirements for this event, ask for details. Price excludes hire of screen or AV.

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