Best of

Team Bonding’s Tasting Plate – A Slice of 3 Bestselling Events in One Brilliant Outdoor Party

What is it:

This hybrid event includes segments from 3 of our best selling activities (Mini Olympics, Paparazzi and Fun & Games). It’s like a “best of” album, it is a great way to get your whole team engaged in a single fun event.

Watch this video to find out more:

Will suit you if:

For large groups structured events work best. We created this for teams that have concerns about the physicality of the Mini Olympics or have already done Amazing Race, Paparazzi and Mini Olympics but really wanted to come back and work with us again. It is now super popular in its own right.

What to expect:

This multi strand event, your sub groups rotate around 3 stations in a “round robin”.

Depending on group size we create either 4, 6, or 9 evenly sized sub teams of participants.

Station 1: Highlights of the Mini Olympics

What makes this event hilarious is the fun twist and fantastic equipment to each challenge. We cherry picked our 6 most popular activities for this station, including the run mats (like giant inner tubes), the pony hop relay and the amoeba race.  (You can see these in pictures below and in the gallery)

Station 2: Highlights of Paparazzi

Basically a photography based scavenger hunt, teams need visual skills, creativity and time management. This includes our Photo Finish exercise and the Heinous Crime task, where you stage a and photograph a crime (we provide simple props and storyline suggestions).

Station 3: Highlights of Outdoor Fun & Games

This is where it all started for Team Bonding, with fun, inclusive outdoor games.  Hard to describe but easy to enjoy, we play 3 “circle” games with the full group, followed by some competitive games against the other teams at the station.

All the activities are scored and winners are announced at the end.

Event Type

Loads of Fun, An Easy Icebreaker, Outdoors

Group Size

25 – 105

Time Needed

2 hours

Activity Level

Relatively Active

Locations:  It is key that we find a suitable location for this event that has the following; spacious flat areas, shade available (October – April), toilets and vehicular access.

Charges do apply (generally between $250 and $500) and council permission is required (except Botanic Gardens where we have pre-arranged permits).

Our preference is the superb spot at the Royal Botanic Gardens. We have 2 spots, Tarpeian Way, off Macquarie Street and an area near Fleet steps – we arrange these permits on your behalf.  

Other Locations:  Easton Park in Rozelle/Lilyfield, Grant Reserve at Coogee, Kissing Point Park, Putney, Lane Cove National Park, Parramatta Park, Sydney Park Alexandria, West Spit Bridge at Mosman (Exposed in Summer), Pirrama Park Pyrmont (Exposed in Summer), West Pennant Hills Community and Sporting Centre.  (All subject to updated council permissions)

 Sydney Olympic Park does not have any shady areas so is problematic in warmer months, but OK in Winter, please ask. North Sydney Council has all its areas booked by school groups.